Beth M.

Dr. Habib U. Khan MD August 29, 2018 Brilliant, cutting edge neurologist! I first met Dr. Khan 7 years ago when I started to have memory problems. I walked into a beautifully decorated office that has a small area for "nibbles". That day it was an individually packged assortment of muffins! I was impressed with his knowledge and demeanor, as I asked numerous questions and was upset when he told me what was wrong. He took his time with me, addressing all my concerns and made sure that I was calm when I left his office. He ordered many tests and I came back about a week later for a followup regarding the results. Let me tell you...Dr. Khan is SO on the cutting edge of everything! He diagnosed my hypothyroidism when no one else did! He diagnosed my liver issues when no one else did! He always tries homeopathic remedies first so that you don't get loaded down with medications. His staff of Michael and Dawn, both excellent, have been with him for many years. Miriam, the Office Manager is extremely organized and efficient. Dr Khan is always taking courses so that he keeps up on medications, new diseases, and new treatments, as well as what is not working for patients. I cannot say enough positive things about this man! I gave some Excellent doctors, but this man is way above! Submitted by Beth Morrow

Written by invigo2020